Why Feed Raw Food?

As direct descendants of wolves, A raw BARF diet is designed to mimic an animal's natural ancestral meal. Dog's for instance do not have the digestive system to consume so many of the ingredients of todays complete dry foods, we know that processed foods are not healthy for humans, so why would we feed to our beloved pets?

Most processed foods contain additives, preservatives and include ingredients such as wheat, rice, corn and cereals. This is no good for your canine friend as they are not built to eat grains like we are, so this unfortunately leads to some common health problems such as obesity, teeth problems and allergies.

Your dog is directly descended from a wolf!The benefits of feeding raw include :

As part of the BARF diet, we would recommend also feeding raw bones to your pooches and as the name suggests this should be RAW. Cooked bones tend to splinter and could damage the stomach and intestines.

Along with the benefits of feeding a bone such as healthy teeth and gums, removal of tartar build up and helping his digestion, the act of chewing on a raw bone will release endorphins causing a state of calm and satisfaction in your dog.

Here at Regent Pet Foods we understand you only want the best for your pet and so have sourced the finest meats the UK can offer so you can "take pride in what you feed".


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